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Review of Rawlings' Player Preferred Adult Baseball/Softball Glove Series

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We've sifted through the reviews so you don't have to! Here's what people are saying about this Baseball Glove!

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This is such a classy Baseball Glove and we can't get enough of it! Apparently others agree! Nearly 80% of buyers have given this glove a 5-star review. Regardless of which position's glove you choose, everyone tends to agree that it's easy to break-in, you can take it straight to the field, and that it's of great quality.

Many parents have said that this is the first "real glove" that they've purchased their youngster once they realized that baseball was something they were going to stick with. Some parents have even purchased this glove for themselves to play catch with their future Hall Of Famer.

There have been some individuals that say some the laces interfere with their thumb a bit, so that is something to consider. I remember when I was younger I trimmed pieces of a great glove to make it even better. But not everyone wants to do that.

Get it now: https://amzn.to/3fvtWPP