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Review of Rawlings' Sandlot Baseball Glove Series

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We've sifted through the reviews so you don't have to! Here's what people are saying about this Baseball Glove!

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We love how stylish this glove is! It really reminds me personally of one of my favorite gloves growing up. Nearly 80% of buys have given the Sandlot Series glove a 5-star review - and its clear to see why.

Everyone can agree that this is a clean looking glove. It is made of high-quality leather throughout and it really is a selling point for many. Some believe that it is better suited for teenagers and that it fits a bit snug on adults with larger hands. In contrast, some teens have felt that while the factory said this was 90% broken in (some have said it feels more like 60%), it was still too hard for them to use out of the box.

For Teens, we recommend taking it to practice a couple of times before going right to the game. Adults will mostly feel comfortable taking it to a game right away.

Some people have also said that they feel the leather is too soft, but others might find that as a good thing. Of course, it all comes down to your preference, but we love the feel!

Get it now: https://amzn.to/37u1NG0