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What Materials Are Baseball Gloves Made Of?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Baseball Gloves can be made from a variety of materials and some are constructed of a hybrid of more than one material.

  • Synthetic Leather: sometimes referred to as "pleather", this material tends to be relatively softer than natural leather, which helps it be field-ready sooner. Lots of times you can take these gloves from the store directly to the diamond! Synthetic doesn't necessarily mean "cheap", so don't let that be a driving factor of not choosing this type of glove.

  • Genuine Leather: these types of gloves are usually a bit pricier because they are made from the hides of animals, typically cows. Depending on the manufacturer, these gloves may or may not come broken in already. A glove that is not "broken in" means that it is stiffer and can be hard to close. You can soften the glove using oils and a variety of techniques.

  • Composite Fabrics: this is generally fabric that is used on portions of the glove to help it be more breathable but not the entire glove. You will typically find this on the top of the glove in combination with either synthetic or genuine leather (or both!) on the front side of the glove (the ball catching side).